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Why I joined..


Conn-M-SWAWO Plus PK's provides a bonding experience that is supportive and relates to the challenges for a young minister's spouse. This organization is a safe haven which provides a morale boost, honesty, first hand experiences and lots of fun to sustain you through your spouse's ministry. -T. Lee





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$25.oo Annually





Our mission is to be an advocate for the families and survivors of the Ministers of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


We advocate by presenting seminars and workshops dealing with areas of professionalism, ethics, image, children's issues, retirement planning, family planning, health, fitness, vocation, stress and recreation.


CONN-M-SWAWO addresses the concerns of the Ministers’ Spouses, Widows, Widowers, Children and Ministerial Retirees. We are a support system for clergy families.Our focus is togetherness!


Dues for CONN-M-SWAWO are $25.00 annually and includes:

  • Quarterly Newsletters

  • Membership Updates and Announcements

  • Cards/Notices on special Occasion

  • Membership Card

  • Listing in the Connectional Directory

  • Lifelong relationship


Involvement is the Key to Making a Difference!


There are several appointed committees for involvement. These are: Executive, Program, Music, Membership, Financial, Devotion, Publicity, Constitution & Bylaws, Education, Communication, Human Relation/Social Concerns, Archives, Resolutions and P.K. Coordinators.



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