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Logo Symbols


The Rope

To remind the clergy families of the ties that bind them together


The Gold Cross

The Light of God that shines upon the clergy family


The Anvil

Represents the A.M.E. Church


The Rose

The Offical Flower


Organizational Colors

Black is for the struggle

Red is for the blood of Jesus

Green is for life 

Bishop Richard Allen and Sister Sarah Allen

The 1st Clergy Family


Organization and First President

CONN-M-SWAW0, Plus P.K.’s was organized in St. Louis, Missouri in 1989 by a group of concerned Episcopal Supervisors, Ministers’ Spouses, Ministers’ Widows and Pastors.

Dr. Dorothy Owens was the Founding President. Dr. Owens served as President of the organization until June of 1997.




The Baton Is Passed

In June of 1997 at the site of the Bishops Council and General Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Mrs. Ora L. Easley was elected the organization’s second President!

Under her leadership, many wonderful accomplishments were made including Conn-M-SWAWO Plus PK’s existence in cyberspace and our presence in the 2000 Book of Discipline AME Church.



The Race Continues

In June of 2005 at the site of the Bishop’s Council and General Board Meeting in Dallas, Texas, Mrs. Fredia A. Hanley-Johnson was elected the organization’s third President!

Under her leadership, the Organization made many milestones. The membership grew as we traveled from state to state, over land and across the ocean.

Sister Hanley-Johnson served us well for 8 years.  Her tenure ended in November 2013.


And We Still Rise

In December, 2013, at the Connectional Ministers’ Spouses, Widows and Widowers Organization Plus P.K.’s Leadership Planning Retreat in Wilmington, North Carolina, the Organization elected its fourth President, Mrs. Lula Shaw Cleckley. 

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